How to Pack the Moving Boxes the Right Way?

Moving a house?

Well, you will need a ton of packing supplies and moving equipment to make sure your items remain intact in the hustle and bustle of moving. 

However, when packing, you can’t just throw all the items in a box and call it a day. 

Even the smallest slip-ups like you dropped a glass out of the box can turn the moving process upside down.

It’s important to pack moving boxes carefully to protect your stuff, keep things organized and make the unpacking process simpler. 

You can also hire the best removalists in the Gold Coast to make the packing process easier. The professionals have years of experience in packing and moving containers like a pro.

If you want to take the responsibility on your shoulders, follow a few tips to pack your moving boxes the right way:

1.Get packing supplies

You will need adequate supplies and tools to pack moving boxes like an expert.

Some materials to pack your boxes efficiently are:

  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Label
  • Packing tape
  • Scissor
  • Marker

It can be hard for you to gather the right quality and quantity of packing supplies.

To offer yourself some relief, partner with a licensed moving company that has every material and tool to pack your moving boxes.  

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2. Prep the boxes

To make sure moving boxes don’t break throughout the process, pad the bottom of each box.

You can use crumpled paper, bubble wrap, or a towel to build a strong foundation and to offer an extra layer of protection against water or moisture.

Packing boxes can still be a daunting task if you are extra careful. Hire reliable removalists in Perth to make the whole process of packing and moving house a breeze. 

3. Put heavy items at the bottom

Don’t toss your stuff in the moving box in an unorganized way.

Follow a simple rule of thumb.

Put heavy items like books and toys first and lighter items like bedding on top to provide a solid base to the box.

This also prevents lighter items from being crushed under extreme weight. 

4. Avoid overloading

Don’t overload your moving boxes else they may break due to excess weight and your items may get damaged.

Plus, lifting heavy boxes can cause a serious injury to your back.

It’s better to categorize heavy items like books into small groups and pack them in different boxes.

Even better, hire top movers and packers in Sydney who know each and every technique to pack and load your stuff the right way.

5. Fill the empty spaces

It’s advisable to fill empty space in your moving boxes to prevent your stuff from vibrating and shifting during the moving. 

Some of the filling materials you can use are: 

  • Packing peanuts: Ideal for filling small to large empty spaces.
  • Crumbled paper: Cost-effective and recyclable material to cover up gaps and to wrap small kitchen items.
  • Cushion foam: Strong, durable, and versatile option
  • Bubble wrap: Perfect for cushioning breakables such as cookware, mirror, etc. 

6. Seal and label the boxes

There is nothing more disappointing than finding your favorite art piece broken after slipping out of the box.

To avoid, seal the bottom, side and top of the box firmly with good-quality packing tape.

After taping all moving boxes, label each box with the specific room it belongs to. 

For instance, label a box containing kitchenware as” KITCHEN” or “FRAGILE”.

This will make loading and unloading manageable for your movers and unpacking convenient for you.

In the end…

Packing boxes the right way lowers the risk of damage to your belongings. It ensures you have a successful and memorable relocation.

However, the best solution is to book a reliable moving company to take the load off your shoulders. Visit this website to seek help.