Packing Antiques For The Move—A Mini User Guide

Packing up your valuables for moving can be nerve-racking, especially when you’re dealing with precious antiques. 

A bumpy truck ride is all it takes to damage your heirloom antique if it is not properly packed. 

So, you must take the necessary steps when packing and moving your antiques from your old home to your new residency. 

Below is a step-by-step guide to ensure that your antiques arrive safely in one piece:

Step 1: You Need to Optimise Your Antique Collection

Unlike other items in your house, such as books, we can easily break antiques like our kitchen plates or glass vases. So, optimize your antique collection according to their sizes, weight, and market value. 

You’ve to go through your antique collection, piece by piece. 

Although optimizing your antique collection takes time, it will ultimately ensure your antiques remain safe and secure, no matter whether you are moving a few blocks or an interstate move.

Step 2: Sorting & Grouping Antiques

Time can boost the value of your antiques–either figuratively or literally speaking, or maybe both. When reassessing your antique collection, you’ve to figure out how old they are. You can rope in an antique expert who can help you sort and group your antiques. 

You’ve to sort out antiques into two large piles, one is what to leave behind, and what to leave. It is essential that you group antiques as per their sizes, so those small ones can be packed together safely into moving boxes, while we can move individually others.

Step 3: Deal With Unwanted Antiques

It is never easy to decide on what antiques to leave behind. Although it is tempting to pack every antique piece, you’ve to leave some behind as some antiques are too heavy and may cost you extra dollars.  Visit and request a moving quote for antiques. 

What can you do with some of your unwanted antiques?

Have a Garage Sale, if the weather and you’ve enough time before the move. You can bag extra cash to meet your moving expenses.

Invite your friends and relatives to check your sorted-out antique collection, and take home whatever they want to.

You can Donate your antiques to local art museums. 

Step 4: Get Antique Packing Supplies

You need to right-pack supplies to keep your antique damage-free. Here’s what you require?

  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Air-Filled Plastic Wrap
  • Moving Blankets
  • Packing Tape
  • Packing Paper
  • Glassine
  • Boxes, Including Specialty Boxes as Need or Packing Peanuts
  • Corner Protectors for Art & Mirrors

Ask your hired removalists in Perth for the best packaging solution to make the whole process smooth.

Step 5: Packing Antiques

Before packing antiques, make sure you clean every piece so that they arrive in your new home in the best condition possible. 

Have a microfiber cloth to carefully remove dust and debris that is accumulated on the antiques. Avoid any chemicals as they may damage the original aesthetic appeal of your antique pieces. 

When wrapped into boxes with no breathing space, the chemicals may dampen & damage your antiques. 

Wrap all glass items with glassine–it is a kind of barrier paper that comes with a wax-like finish–protects the items from getting smudged or stained. 

Don’t forget to protect corners with the corner protector. 

Use air-filled plastic wrap for adding cushion around each antique piece. You always take the help of your professional moving company with packing antiques.  Click here to seek professional help.

Step 6: Be Cautious When Loading Antiques

Don’t underestimate that task of loading and unloading the antiques onto the truck; ensure that you label boxes in which antiques are packed as “Fragile” so that your professional movers and packers in Canberra know about, and be extra careful. 

Having cheap movers Ballarat by your side can help you overcome maximum challenges to safely transport the antiques. They have a trained panel of moving specialists to assist you in ways you can’t imagine. 

Do let us know if this blog helped you.